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I must confess I’ve been feeling a little stuck in a rut with my photography recently. Every time I think of getting out the camera I hear a little voice saying ‘you’ve shot that before’ and I lose motivation. Which is nonsense really, every time we shoot something we do so through fresh eyes so yes, I may have shot something before, but that doesn’t mean I’ll shoot it exactly the same the next time round.

So to get myself out of the rut I decided that whatever I shot next it would be bright and airy rather than my usual darker tones. Feeling inspired I headed off for my food shop and discovered some rather lovely ‘wonky’ cherries – if you aren’t in the UK you may not understand the concept of wonky fruit and veg, basically they are the ones that aren’t a perfect shape and size. Supermarkets used to reject them since shoppers don’t like them (which I find hard to believe), now they package them as ‘wonky’ and sell them cheaper. I always buy wonky if possible and as an added bonus wonky cherries are often heart shaped!

Since I’ve missed the last few Lensbaby Blog Circle posts I decided I’d share a selection of my light and airy cherries for this month’s post….

Texture from The Stone Collection
Texture from The Stone Collection

As you can see the lightness didn’t last! I soon turned to darker images but really enjoyed shooting the brighter ones for a change. All of this month’s images were taken using the Lensbaby Velvet 56 except the last one where I used the old double glass optic with a heart shaped aperture disc.

Next up in the circle is Jessica who has taken her Lensbaby for a walk. Click here to visit her blog and please continue around the circle for more Lensbaby inspiration.


  • Diana Brown Reply

    Hello Janet. Good to see you back in the Circle. I love your wonky cherries from the freshness of your first image to the moodiness of your last. That heart shaped bokeh made me smile, a perfect back drop to your heart shaped suspended cherry.

    • Janet Broughton Reply

      Thanks Diana!

  • Seh-N-Sucht Reply

    Hi Janet, I love your light cherry photos. And I admire how you handle textures. The photo and the texture go together so well! And your cherries are wonderful! I am fascinated by the cherry that hovers in the glass. Great with the heart aperture disc!

    Herzliche Grüße

    • Janet Broughton Reply

      Thanks so much Birgit!

  • Jessica Reply

    Dear Janet, I’m hungry now. I really like your cherries and the change to the light and airy ones. How did you do the make the cherry in the jar fly? It’s so great.

    • Janet Broughton Reply

      Sorry Jessica I only just saw your comment! I tied the middle of a very thin thread of cotton around the stalk of the cherry and then trapped the edges under the lid and cut off the excess thread. I then took the thread out in Photoshop which was easy because it was so thin and not too visible!

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