What Does “Making” Mean To Me?

What Does Making Mean To Me

In my last post I mentioned that I’d stumbled across a couple of bloggers who were sharing inspiring creative challenges on their blogs. Finding blogs that are creatively inspiring seems to have been a bit of theme this last week or so, it feel as if I’m somehow being guided in an as yet unknown direction.

I’ve had this little niggling feeling that there’s something missing creatively for me at the moment and I’ve no idea what it might be. Maybe its a photographic project I’m meant to do, or perhaps something totally new, or maybe it’s just a slightly different way to engage with my blog. I don’t what it is but I just know that there’s something waiting! Does that even make sense to anyone other than myself? Please let me know if it does!

Anyway, moving on to the second inspiring creative blog I’ve just discovered – A Playful Day. I’d stumbled across this podcast and loved the idea that Kate would be setting a creativity challenge. I’m not sure how many I’ll be able to join in (especially if there’s knitting involved) but this first one posed the question “What Does Making Mean To You” and I have to admit its certainly got me thinking, a lot!

Firstly I’ll admit that not everyone will see photography as “making” after all it doesn’t always have a physical end result even though photographers often talk about making an image rather than taking one. It’s all to easy to slip into well used clichés when talking about photography, capturing moments, treasuring memories, after all that is effectively what we are doing. But to me photography is something much deeper than capturing moments.

Chesire family photography

Discovering photography for me meant learning to see, learning to see all those little things that go largely unnoticed. It might be just the way the light streams through a window, or a fleeting shadow cast by the sun, or a leaf that’s suddenly in a little pool of sunshine. Or it might be something equally fleeting but more special, that perfect split second when a parent is totally lost in the moment with their child, that moment an owner looks at their horse and you just know how much they mean to them, or the innocence of a child lost in the world of make believe. But then it’s more than seeing, because these moments, once seen, are so easily forgotten so photography for me is also about saving these moments, telling stories of these moments in a style that’s all our own.

So, what does “making” mean to me?

Very simply, it means seeing and remembering.

Thank you Kate for giving me the encouragement to take the time to stop and think x



  • Barbara Tobey

    This article hit home with me, all your insights into the “why”….seeing, capturing and remembering. It is so easy to get stuck in a rut creatively and it’s reassuring to know that others go through this same thing. Thanks for sharing.

    • Janet Broughton

      Thanks taking the time to read and comment Barbara. My own creative ruts are more about a sense that there’s a different direction waiting for me rather than a frustration or boredom with my current work. I’m very much going through a period of experimenting at the moment!

  • patricia

    Yes, I know exactly what you mean, in terms of having that niggling feeling about some creative project that is just out of reach….! It seems to me that ‘creativity’ and it’s output is a constantly changing field of energy that we tap into from time to time, based solely on our individual capacities to engage. And that capacity to engage is altered by any number of internal and external factors… and from what I’ve gathered in talking with other ‘creative’ persons over the years is that we are none of us the same. The creative process is as uniquely individual and expressed as each of us. For myself, timing for those creative moments, hours, days has mostly to do with my willingness to simply jump in. Needless to say, the content of that sentence has about a million qualifiers!
    Photography, thanks to technological expansions, has become an art form for everyone. Thanks to the fact that we all SEE and EXPRESS differently, there is an endless variation of subject matter and styles. And, yes, I very much like the notion of “making” a photograph – one has SO many possibilities for each and every shot, and then there is post processing of the image(s)… it’s all just a wild assortment of choices. And then there’s printing and other forms of making the image physical/touchable. What an amazingly rich and abundant creative time we live in !!!

    • Janet Broughton

      Thanks for such a thoughtful comment Patricia and I’m pleased that someone else understands that niggling feeling, most people just look very confused if I try to explain!