Traditional Crafts Project – Spinning & Weaving

A few weeks ago I headed into Derbyshire to visit Wiseheart Studio and meet Kate, a lovely lady who is brimming with passion for spinning, weaving, dying, knitting and basically anything related to wool and as local as possible.

Kate’s studio is a lovely space full of colours and textures and some of the most beautiful hand dyed yarns, I found myself yearning to knit socks and wondering how easy it would be to learn. And then reminding myself that I really don’t have the time and spend most of my time not wearing socks anyway!!

I’m still unsure as to where & how I want to share images as this project evolves. Social media is so geared towards single images and many of the images I have don’t make so much sense alone and out of context. So for now I’m sharing a small selection here and perhaps just one or two in other places.

Heritage Crafts Photo Project

Heritage Crafts Photo Project

I’m looking for volunteers to be a part of the project, the idea is to photograph traditional craftspeople and their workspaces and to document their skills and dedication in keeping these old crafts alive. I’m looking for people who are involved in traditional crafts in Lancashire, Greater Manchester, North Cheshire, Merseyside and nearby areas. I may venture further afield next year if I can find of way of securing some funding to help with costs.

I’m only shooting on weekdays and I will need a release form signing. I’d like to think that one day this project could be a book or an exhibition, you’ll need to be OK with that idea.

If you are interested or know someone who might be please send me an email at

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