Three Things – June

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At the end of each month I’m going to share three things that I’ve enjoyed or been inspired by that month, some will be photography related but many won’t. Why three ? Well I thought I’d randomly picked three as a number that wasn’t too many to be boring for a reader or difficult for me to find and write about. But then I realised I’d been reading Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall’s Three Good Things so I think I accidentally stole the idea from him !

Thing One – Hula Hooping

Back in March I joined a fantastic business support program for female photographers. I had lots of expectations, but being inspired to buy a hula hoop wasn’t one of them. Did you know hula hooping is not like riding a bike, you can completely forget how to do it ! It took me two weeks to relearn and when I was feeling quite proud of being able to twirl my hoop for a couple of minutes someone showed me this video and I realised I wasn’t doing too great after all ! So thing one is this video of fantastic hula hooping.

Thing Two – This Book

phone photographyI’m an avid reader and always have at least one book on the go, in reality its more likely to be two or even three, a fiction, something business related and something inspirational. A Beautiful Anarchy is an inspirational read, I started it on a train on my way to Manchester for a meeting and was disappointed to have to get off and stop reading. I found myself constantly nodding along in agreement, its full of wise words and is a book for anyone, not just photographers.

Rather than tell you about it, here’s the link to Craft & Vision, I’ve also had a few ebooks from them and they’ve all been great.


Thing Three – This Blog Post

Well there had to be some photography included in my three things ! This blog post inspired me on many different levels, its written by Hazel Hughes, initially a virtual friend but since we both became members of the same business group (yes, the female photographers one that inspired my hula hooping) we’ve also managed to meet in person too.

Living with type 1 diabetes
Images copyright of Hazel Hughes Photography.

Hazel’s blog is a behind the scenes look at life with two children with type 1 diabetes and aims to help raise awareness of the condition. It’s a beautifully photographed account of living with the illness which Hazel also has and has so far been discouraged from sharing too publicly. I’m inspired by the photography (obviously!) but I’m also inspired by Hazel’s bravery in sharing the post and writing from her heart. Now you may not think its such a brave thing to do but when Hazel had previously sought the advice of some of her peers about whether to blog about her illness she received an emphatic “no way” response, with warnings about how it wouldn’t be good for business. Fast forward quite some time and she timidly raised the subject in the Shining Lights group and this time received a resounding “yes of course” and the blog post was born with some initial trepidation on Hazel’s part but its been a fantastic success for her – and guess what ? It didn’t harm her business at all.

Please click here to see the rest of the beautiful images and read the inspiring post.

Thanks Hazel, for letting me share & sending some images x

Hope you’ve enjoyed my three things – feel free to let me know your thoughts in the comments !