Three Things – July

It’s that time again, time to share three random things that I’ve enjoyed during the month. I can’t believe how quickly it’s come around and I found myself in a bit of a panic yesterday trying to decide which three things I would include. Well actually it was two that I was struggling over because the book was always going to be in, I have a feeling there could be a book every month.

Thing One – This Website

I stumbled across the website Marc And Angel Hack Life somehow, I think I may have followed a link from Facebook but I’m not sure. Anyway once I landed on it I was there ages, it was full of inspiring, uplifting and motivating writing – I wanted to include a link to just one blog post that I really enjoyed but there were so many I decided to just add the whole site.

Actually I’ve just changed my mind, I kept popping back for a read while I was typing! Here’s a post to make you think, if you only read one thing on the website this one is definitely worth reading.

Thing Two – This Article

I’m a big fan of having mini (or even not so mini) photography projects to work on and so I loved this article “13 Exercises for Photographers that can help jump start creativity”. Quite a few of these really appeal to me so you may well see some of them appearing as future blog posts – let me know if you decide to do any !

Thing Three – This Book

This book was a wonderful unexpected gift from Diana and Vic, friends and owners of Tythebarn House B&B, if you are ever in need of somewhere to stay in Cumbria be sure to check them out !

Plant Kingdoms of Charles Jones Its a beautiful book of still life photography of food and plants with such a fascinating story behind it. To cut it very short, Charles Jones had been a gardener and a keen amateur photographer. He died in 1959 and his work was only discovered in 1981 when a collector stumbled across a trunk of prints at an antique market. It came to light that only the prints themselves remained and the glass plate negatives had been destroyed after being used as cloches to protect plants in his garden !

I’ve spent lots of mornings browsing through this with my first coffee of the day and I can’t help but feel a little sad that such a talent was recognised or acknowledged in his lifetime.

Hope you’ve enjoyed this month’s three things, I think I’m going to have to have a mini project of photographing things in threes for header images, I’ll be running out of the love hearts soon !