Three Intentions In One!

lensbaby with edge 50

Three of my new year intentions all wrapped up into one photograph. I’ve spent so long saying I’d love to have a go at crochet that I decided to go along with my two intentions “Embrace Creativity” and “Do More” and just actually get on with it. So I found a simple blanket pattern, got myself some wool and here goes….

I’m not sure everyone would class following a vey basic crochet pattern as creativity but as someone who is used to most creations being digital it feels good to be physically making something. It feels creative to me.

For a few minutes the sun was streaming through the window and it was just shouting out for a hazy back lit photo, and the Lensbaby Edge 50 means it’s also part of my Year Of Unconventional Lenses.

The Edge 50 is rapidly becoming a favourite!



  • Sue Reply

    It’s a beautiful photo and I’m impressed with the crochet! You’ve picked that up so quick!

    • Janet Broughton Reply

      Thanks Sue! After the first row its just one stitch so it was easy enough once I got started 😉

  • Gillie Reply

    As a crocheter and a knitter….more a knitter really……you are definitely being creative, so there!

    • Janet Broughton Reply

      Thank you Gillie!

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