Something different

I’m very much a natural light photographer, partly because I just love to be outdoors as much as possible and partly because I prefer the more natural look. However I also think its great to try new things & learn new skills so at the weekend I went on a lighting course. Not only did IĀ get to use studio lights (a completely new experience) but I also managed to play with a different camera and most of the images were shot on a Fuji XT-1 – I’m normally a Sony user.


Since everything else was different to usual I decided to download a trial of Nik Software and process the images from day in that. I used to use Nik years ago and although I’ve always loved the look of Nik Silver I somehow got out of the habit. This image was edited firstly in Nik Silver Efex and then in Nik Analog Efex to give the softness and double exposure effect.

Interestingly, although everything is different, I’ve had someone comment that it’s still very much “me”. Funny how others see our style much more clearly than we see it ourselves !

Much as I enjoyed shooting something completely different I don’t think I’ll be changing to studio portraits any time soon, I enjoy the variety of working in so many different locations too much to be tied to just one!


  • Michael J Locke

    Good shot, for me the ghost type of image behind the subject makes this more than just a portrait. well done