Seen Differently……

Last week a regular coffee and bacon sandwich get together with a couple of photographer friends surprisingly turned into a photography walk. I say surprisingly because arrangements had been made several weeks in advance and remarkably the weather turned out dry!

The three of us set off for what was intended to be a leisurely stroll around a reservoir but soon turned into a trek across muddy fields hunting for footpaths that had disappeared. The discovery of a strange tunnel (you can see it below in Rob’s pictures) had us wondering about the landscape and the urge to see what was “just over the top of the hill*” resulted in the discovery of a disused lead mine with an intact boiler house chimney and lots of lovely ruined walls. We were in photographic heaven! Or at least as close to photographic heaven as possible on a day with drab grey skies.

* The hill turned out to be something of a optical illusion, it looked short and really not very steep from the bottom, but the reality was very different…

Taken not quite from the top, we'd started to climb from over to the right of the frame, a little lower than road across the end of the reservoir!
Taken not quite from the top, we’d started to climb from over to the right of the frame, a little lower than road across the end of the reservoir!

I’m always intrigued by how we all see differently, if you’ve ever been out with others with cameras you very soon realise that we aren’t necessarily all drawn to photograph the same objects or scenes. This seemed like an ideal opportunity to gather together three different photographer’s views of the same place so I asked Rob and Kirsten to send me three images each to blog alongside three of mine.

First of all Rob’s three – Rob has recently abandoned DSLR photography in favour of one of new Fujis and has a blog called My Fuji Life.




Now Kirsten’s (Kirsten is a very talented wedding photographer, her site is here):

The grane togs-1979

The grane togs-1971

The grane togs-1925

And lastly three of my own, and I’m sure you’ll agree we all saw things very differently!!





  • Rebecca LaChance

    What great examples of “what we see.” And, that hill looked a bit foreboding!

    • Janet Broughton

      Foreboding is an excellent word for it! For some reason it just didn’t look so steep from the bottom!

  • Tad Dippel

    I certainly liked this blog entry. the differences are very interesting indeed 🙂

    • Janet Broughton

      Thank you Tad! It is surprising how differently we all see the same things 🙂