Rediscovering Playfulness

As a photographer I’ve recently emerged from a long creative slump. It’s not something that caused me any real concern, we’ve been in a pandemic after all, and I’ve found other creative outlets but at the same time I’ve missed feeling excited about photography. I started to emerge from my slump as I began shooting with the new Lensbaby Soft Focus II optic and when I tried out the Lensbaby Omni system I rediscovered a feeling of joyful play that I’ve not had for such a long time.

(Soft Focus II optic + Omni Seahorse Crystal)
(Soft Focus II optic + Omni Seahorse Crystal)
(Soft Focus II optic + Omni Stretch Wand)

When we are new to photography everything is an exciting discovery, we often approach shooting with a ‘what happens if’ attitude which we tend to lose as we become more experienced. The Omni system has taken me right back to those days of having a more playful approach, I’ve been placing the different wands in front of my lenses and playing with the positioning just to see what happens – what happens is a whole array of magical distortions with reflections and bokeh and much more. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t but that’s where the fun lies!

I’ve visited and photographed the Salford Quays area countless times and it’s become hard to go without feeling like I’m repeating the same shots over and over – until I took the Omni…

If you are reading this and wondering what on earth a Lensbaby Omni actually is, it’s a very cleverly designed system that fits to the filter thread of a lens (any make of lens, not just Lensbaby) and holds various objects that can distort and add creative effects to your images in all sorts of ways – similar to holding a glass prism in front of the lens but without the need for three hands!

You can find out more here on the Lensbaby website and the code wBroughton will save you 10% on most Lensbaby products. (This is a referral link and I may earn a small commission from purchases.)