Do you ever take a set of photos, dismiss them immediately because they somehow aren’t quite what you had in mind then stumble across them months later and wonder why on earth you were so dismissive of them?
Yes, me too!

I few months ago I discovered my old Lensbaby mobile lens lurking deep in the recesses of a handbag along with a dusty old packet of mints. The mints went straight in the bin but the little lens had me quite excited. I charged up an old phone, dusted off the lens and was pleasantly surprised to find the combination still worked.

A day or two later a misty morning saw me rushing around the corner to the park with an idea in my mind for something quite dark and mysterious. A quick edit later and for some reason I’m feeling completely indifferent about the results. I enjoyed shooting them, sometimes that’s all that matters, so I moved on and forgot all about them

This week I came across the folder of images while looking for something else. I opened the folder and it hit me straight away, all they needed was a square crop and a hint of texture and they were exactly what I had in mind! It’s strange how the passing of time allows us to see more clearly.

Now I need to rediscover that little lens once more and see what else I can create with it. I think it’s lost to depths of a bag all over again!

{All textures used are from The Wilderness Collection available here}


  • Wendy

    Love the atmosphere in these images Janet. You are such a pro with LB lenses. Love to see what you have created in your LB blog posts.

    • Janet Broughton

      Thanks so much for your kind comment Wendy xx