Project 52 – April 2020

Weekly photo project prompts

How quickly and unexpectedly life can change, the world looks very different than it did four weeks ago when I set the last set of prompts and I’m sure most of us will have been affected in some way or another. From this month onwards (for as long as necessary) I will be setting prompts that can be photographed within your own home if necessary. I know that it can feel very frustrating if you aren’t able to get out with your camera but why not see the prompts as an exercise in creative thinking as well as photography.

If you haven’t joined in before perhaps now is a good time to have a creative focus, it’s not essential to have been shooting the prompts from the beginning of the year. You can use a phone or a camera and all levels of photographic ability are very welcome. You can find the Facebook Group here, it’s a very friendly and supportive group.

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  • Karen White Reply

    Thanks for continuing to post the prompts and also for thinking about the current situation that many are in. I’m not in the FB group but am posting on Flickr each week.

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