Portrait Number 35

“Portrait Number 35” ~ it probably seems a rather strange title but there are actually 34 other portraits that are sitting on a website of their own!

Fifty Portraits is a personal photography project that I’ve been working on for quite a while. I’ve challenged myself to photography fifty people who have turned a hobby into a business and I’m using a 50mm lens. The previous 34 can be found at www.fiftyportraits.co.uk, all of them are very interesting people, although Chris is definitely the most inspirational. I’m currently contemplating a change of platform for the fifty portraits site so I’m not adding any updates to it at the moment.

So I could have saved No. 35 till the new site was ready in the new year but Chris was too inspiring not to share sooner. A conversation that starts “I couldn’t find a really well made vampire stake so I decided to teach myself wood turning” is always going to be interesting but when the person you are talking to is completely blind it becomes totally inspiring.

Fifty Portraits, Portrait No 35

The Blind Wood Turener

Chris has been blind for eight years, three and a half years ago he decided he needed to learn woodturning. He listened to hours and hours of YouTube videos until he was convinced he knew what he was doing and then bought himself a lathe and started turning wood. He’s had a number of practical challenges to overcome but he has become an exceptionally skilled wood turner and with the help of his partner Nicola he now has a website and sells his products at craft fairs and in the local tea rooms. He also has his own YouTube channel with a growing following, which is no surprise since he’s a natural in front of the camera and an engaging speaker.

You can find Chris online and see his work on his website here and on YouTube here. Make sure you checkout his work, I’m sure you will as inspired as I am!!


  • Reza

    I started to read and said, ok, he’s some guy who turned a hobby into a business, wood turning, great! And then, “… completely blind”, I was like “Whaaaaaaatttt?”. Unbelievable!! What a great guy.
    This “Fifty” projects seems really interesting and inspiring. I should check it out.

    (Two weeks ago, I visited a center for helping and training disabled people, now I tell my friends to definitely visit these places once in a while. Really moving. It opens your eyes that there’s no impossible thing.)

    Thanks for sharing it sooner my friend 🙂

    • Janet Broughton

      Thanks for taking the time to comment Reza and I hope you enjoy seeing the rest of the Fifty Portraits.

      You’re quite right, Chris is a great guy, I’m full of admiration for that frame of mind that lets nothing get in the way of the goals he sets himself. I think we sometimes use the word inspiring a little too easily but Chris is truly an inspiration!