My Top Five Photography Podcasts

Are you a podcast fan?

I must admit that for a long while I couldn’t see the point of podcasts but when I started to work from home I soon realised it would be easy to become very sedentary so I started to make the effort to have a daily walk. And that’s when the podcast listening started.

I started with business podcasts so I could pretend I was working while I walked and then moved on to creativity and photography podcasts. And as I discovered more interesting podcasts my walking time didn’t give me enough listening time so now I listen in the bath too!

One of my favourite walking & listening locations…..

Below I’m sharing my favourite photography podcasts, the first three are all UK based and not in any particular order. It’s worth pointing out that none of them are about photography gear, there are plenty gear based shows but they don’t really interest me.

  1. The Togcast – this one is a landscape photography podcast and although I don’t often shoot landscapes I always enjoy the conversations and have discovered some really inspiring photographers through listening.

  2. The Fuji Cast – this weekly podcast is presented by Kevin Mullins and Neale James and is not just for Fuji shooters. It’s very conversational and often has guest photographers, there’s also a great community around this podcast and each episode has time for answering listener’s questions.

  3. A Small Voice – this is a fortnightly podcast with in depth conversations with photographers shooting various genres. It’s been going for quite some time now so lots to catch up on for podcast bingers.

  4. Process Driven – this one is hosted by Jeffery Saddoris, there only seems to be a new episode once every few months but I always enjoy the thoughtful conversations.

  5. The Candid Frame – there are almost 500 episodes of the Candid Frame available. I only discovered it a few months ago so I have lots still to listen to but I’ve really enjoyed the conversations I’ve heard so far.

When I’m looking for something other than photography my next go to podcasts are Hashtag Authentic and Conversations of Inspiration, both UK based and talking about creativity and business.

Are you a podcast listener too? Why not share your favourites in the comments, I’m always looking for new and inspiring listens.


  • Wendy

    I have to admit, I’ve never thought about listening to podcasts! I think the only one I have listened to was your interview on The Fuji Cast. I am going said to be doing a lot more walking as I’ve been diagnosed with high cholesterol and have to change my lifestyle asap! Maybe I should consider podcasts too. Would be handy on the stepper as well!

    • Janet Broughton

      Sorry about the cholesterol Wendy, hopefully you can sort it with a diet change. I had the same a couple of years ago but reversed it by eating better! I find podcasts a great motivator while I’m walking and I’m sure they would keep your mind occupied on the stepper!

  • Chris Hunt

    Hi Janet, I love podcasts too. They are my favourite way to relax.
    I listen to all your recommendations and have a few others you might like:

    Hit The Streets With Valerie Jardin – A very engaging and lovely French lady who is a street photographer. She has some great interviews with photographers and is always fascinating.
    Behind The Shot with Steve Brazill – Steve is a rock concert photographer. He speaks to photographers about a particular shot and how they went about capturing it .It could be any genre. Compelling stuff.
    Tips From The Top Floor with Chris Marquandt – A German guy who discusses interesting aspects surrounding photography. I liked his recent episode – Photography Means Stress- It certainly does for me!
    Non Photog related: Sleep Meditation – Beautiful sounds of nature and the like to lull you to sleep or just relax. How did I live without this?
    Soul Music (From the BBC) A selection of iconic songs and what they mean to people. I have several episodes I listen to over and over.

    Hope you enjoy them.
    Chris Hunt.

    • Janet Broughton

      Thanks so much for these recommendations Chris, they all sound great!