This Month’s Magazine Column – Photographing Your Children

I was very excited once again to pick up a copy of this month’s Lancashire Magazine and see my monthly column of photography advice!

This month was about photographing children and I’ve included the article below for anyone who hasn’t seen the magazine. As a special bonus to blog readers I’ve also written a five page booklet with advice for photographing children, just head down to the bottom and leave your email address to claim your free copy!

“This month I’m going to share some advice to help with your family photographs. I absolutely love photographing children, especially younger ones but it’s not without its challenges and it’s often easier to photograph other people’s children rather than your own. The single biggest piece of advice I can give with regards to photographing your kids is to let them be themselves, let their wonderful personalities shine through in the pictures!

Smiles really aren’t essential, a portrait of a child gazing intently into the camera can be incredibly powerful. A lovely smiling picture of your child is also beautiful but telling them to smile can be counterproductive, often resulting in a scowl or a fake cheesy grin. Small children who are regularly told to smile for a photograph often end up developing a fake “camera smile”, other people may like it but you will always know that it’s not your child’s normal happy smile. Instead of asking them to smile try catching their attention with something that will make them laugh, it could be a silly joke or a funny noise, not only will you catch some lovely giggles. If that doesn’t work just embrace their more serious side.

children's portrait photographer

The most effective way to capture a childs personality in a picture can often be simply by quietly observing them, either at home or while you are out and about. Small children in particular quickly become completely engrossed in whatever their latest favourite game may be and they and will soon forget that you are nearby with your camera. Be patient and you will be rewarded with pictures that you will certainly treasure for years, these sorts of pictures really tell a story of a stage in your child’s life.

kids portrait photography in manchester

One final piece of advice I can would give to anyone who regularly photographs their family is to print your pictures, you may have them all on your phone and that might be backed up to your computer but technology evolves, and sometimes fails, and there is no guarantee you will always be able to access those pictures. So safeguard them and make sure your children will be able to look back on them when they are adults by printing your favourites.”

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  • Silvana

    Thank you for the tips! I will try them next time I want to take a picture of my children 🙂

    • Janet Broughton

      You’re very welcome Silvana, hope they come in useful x