Floral photography

Monotone Monday – Gypsophilia Flowers

Well after several days of what has felt like endless rain I thought a few flowers would be a lovely start to the week. I love the delicacy of Gypsophilia flowers and their almost abstract appearance when they are photographed. Do you like black & white photography? Why not join me on Instagram, its fast […]

Food Photography Manchester

Blackberries – Past Their Best

It’s International Food Photography Day today, or so I’ve been reliably informed, and it seemed the perfect day to continue with my mini project “Past Their Best”. There’s also some exciting food related news at the bottom so keep on reading! If you haven’t come across it already Past Their Best is a project to […]

Monotone Mondays

For the last couple of weeks I’ve been trying to come up with an idea for a weekly theme/post. Lots of bloggers seem to have Wordless Wednesdays or Silent Sundays and whilst I quite like the idea of just posting a picture (and why wouldn’t I, I’m a photographer after all!) I also enjoy writing […]

I do like to be beside the seaside….

Like many people I find myself drawn to the coast, I’m really not sure why so many of us are but I know for me it’s partly a love of open spaces, and then there’s that incredible feeling of freedom that gazing out towards the horizon gives me. And of course there’s the sea itself. […]

Photography Tips & Online Courses

It’s Behind You!

Photography tip of the week…. Look behind you!! Seriously, make sure you glance over your shoulder now and again. I almost missed this! And wouldn’t that have been a photo opportunity wasted! Have you signed up for our free online photography course yet?    

An Autumn Walk & Photography Tips

I’ve probably mentioned this already, in fact I may well have mentioned it more than once, but I absolutely love autumn. It is without doubt my favourite season. And not just because it looks so good with all those gorgeous rich colours and that beautiful low sunlight that filters through trees and those atmospheric misty […]

Sourdough Loaf, Cpmmercial Food Photography

In The Beginning, A Sourdough Loaf

A few days ago I was pleasantly surprised when someone tweeted to tell me how much they liked my “Past Their Best” series of food photographs and then I remembered that I hadn’t even posted the sourdough loaf that triggered the idea for the project! I’d needed some bread for some photographs so popped around to […]

Online photography courses, still life photography

Beautifully Imperfect

Just back home after a (mostly) lovely week away, I’d hoped to do plenty photography while I was away but unfortunately things didn’t quite go to plan! A few days before we left I’d received a beautiful bouquet of flowers for my birthday, I took a chance on them surviving and left them on the kitchen table. […]

Beyond Snapshots & My First Magazine Article

Well what a wonderful week this has been! After a lot of hard work on Wednesday evening I launched my free online photography course, Beyond Snapshots. I’m really pleased with the course but if I’m totally honest I was expecting to have to round up a few friends to join it at the beginning so […]

still life photography by Janet Broughton

A Ball Of String and An Enamel Plate

There’s times when I’m shopping alone that I’m really, really glad that I don’t have anyone with me. Like yesterday. I was browsing the antique shop for anything that might work as styling props for shooting food, I had in mind some old cutlery or worn linen, possibly some china plates. I didn’t expect to stumble […]

Children's outdoor photography in Bolton, Lancashire

Autumn, Revisited

I’m currently in the process of reviewing the blog posts on my business website and deciding which ones should be transferred over to Definitely Dreaming. It’s a bigger task than I thought it would be, its so hard to be ruthless and select only the posts that are strictly relevant, but at the same it’s […]

Exciting Times Ahead !

                                        Thought it was about time I shared some of my exciting plans, my brain has been working overtime recently and I’ve all sorts of ideas for courses and there’s all sorts of activity going on […]