photo a day challenge 2017

Daily Photo Prompts ~ February 2017

Can you actually believe that we are almost at the end of January already?! It seems like no time at all since I shared the prompts for January wondering whether anyone was really going to be interested. And they were interested, and inspired and motivated! I love the community that immediately sprung up in the […]

winter foliage - Lensbaby

A Lensbaby Walk with the Edge 50 Optic

On Monday I got an new toy, an Edge 50 optic for my Lensbaby, yesterday I took it out for a test run (walk). It wasn’t ideal weather for photography but I’d owned it for two whole days without trying it so I couldn’t wait any longer! I’ve had a Lensbaby for quite a number […]

black and white dream like image of a blurred figure by the sea

My Personal Photography Challenge for 2017

So last year’s personal challenge was “52 Weeks Of Quiet” and I gained so much from it that there was no way I wasn’t going to set myself another theme/challenge (I’m never sure of the best way to describe it!) for 2017. If you follow the blog, or if you follow me anywhere else online, […]


Walking 1000 Miles

There I was, wandering the streets in the drizzle as it was going dark and taking the odd quick snap on my phone. It’s totally out of character. Drizzle is a great motivator for me to stay in. And I usually avoid walking in the dark in case that soggy clump of leaves isn’t actually […]

iphone + lensbaby lm10 lens

New Year, New Intentions

It seems like just about everyone has been talking and writing about new years resolutions this year, whether they are good or whether they should be avoided. So much so that I nearly didn’t write this post! But I decided I needed to write it for selfish reasons, if it’s out there for anyone to […]

Daily photo challenge January 2017

Daily Photo Prompts ~ January 2017

The end of 2016 is almost here, am I alone in thinking that this year has absolutely flown by? It’s that time of year when we all start to think of new goals and challenges to start off the New Year, as well as lifestyle changes many of us are also looking for some sort […]

The Blind Wood Turener

Portrait Number 35

“Portrait Number 35” ~ it probably seems a rather strange title but there are actually 34 other portraits that are sitting on a website of their own! Fifty Portraits is a personal photography project that I’ve been working on for quite a while. I’ve challenged myself to photography fifty people who have turned a hobby into a […]

still life photography

Autumn, Where Did It Go?

Well here in the UK winter suddenly landed a few days ago, we had the first real frosts and some really cold weather. I’m not complaining, I’m a bit of fan of winter! I love wearing warm jumpers and getting wrapped up in woolly scarves and hats and going for long walks. But where did autumn […]

mobile phone photography & ipad edit

First Attempts At “Mobile Artistry”

After my last post about my excitement in discovering the Adventures in Mobile Artistry course I thought it only fair that I shared an update. I’ve almost watched all of the course videos and I’m feeling just as inspired as I was at the beginning, although I will admit that I’ve not retained a lot […]

Have I found My Missing?

If you follow the blog you may have read my recent post about the feeling that something is missing (if you didn’t see it you can find it here). I was amazed at how many people got in touch to say they completely understood and even felt the same, if you are one of those […]

black and white photography with a vintage lens

Vintage Lens, A Disappointment?

You’ve probably already gathered that I’m drawn to antique and vintage shops, I love a good mooch around for “new” props for my still life photography. A few weeks ago an unplanned antique shop visit saw me buying two lovely old blue bottles plus a Meyer-Optik Gorlitz Domiplan 50mm f2.8 lens. Now I knew nothing about […]

Online photography courses

In Search Of The Missing

Do you ever get that the feeling that there’s something missing? But you can’t quite work out what that something might be, it’s just a vague nagging feeling? It might be surprising to know that I often have that feeling in relation to my photography. I find it hard to properly explain, when I try […]

Fine Art Print Shop

Fine Art Print Shop Opened

It all started a few weeks ago when I decided that images on my office wall were long overdue an update. I hadn’t ever had any of my still life photographs printed and I was also curious to see how a picture taken with the Helios vintage lens would look in print. So I choose a […]

online photography courses, phone photograhy

Five Favourite Photography Apps

I’ve had quite a few requests recently for more blog posts about phone photography and photography apps, I’m far from an expert in phone photography but more than happy to share the knowledge that I do have! Generally my first choice photography tool will be my camera, its the tool that best helps me realise […]