lensbaby sweet 50

Why Lensbaby?

2017 is my “Year of Unconventional Lenses” and it’s turned out to be the year that I’ve fallen back in love with my Lensbaby. Not that I ever really fell out of love with it, it’s just that I fell out of the habit of using it. In fact for a long while I fell […]

Photo A Day challenge

Daily Photo Prompts ~ June 2017

I really can’t believe that we are almost in June already, this last month has absolutely flown by! It’s time for a new set of daily photo prompts and if you haven’t joined in before why not start in June. It couldn’t be easier to join in, simply take a photo inspired by the prompt […]

Lensbaby flower photo

A Time Between…

It feels a strange time of year, spring has gone but summer hasn’t yet landed. Like a pause between the seasons. I’m trying to photograph gardens as part of my Year Of Unconventional Lenses but the daffodils have died, the tulips are past their best and the summer blooms haven’t started yet. Although the bluebells are […]

Photo a Day Challenge

Daily Photo Prompts ~ May 2017

And another month almost gone! I do hope it’s been a good month for you. April has been a productive and exciting month for me, I’m so pleased to have launched Afternoon Light after such a long time preparing and that it’s been so well received. How have you been getting along with the daily prompts? […]

online photography learning

Spring Garden Photography

I’m a little shocked to realise that I haven’t blogged for over three weeks! In my defence it’s been a very busy month, alongside writing websites for clients I finally managed to launch my online photography club, Afternoon Light. It’s been a dream of mine for a very long time now but it’s taken me such […]

painterly garden photography

Its Definitely Spring When…..

There are three things that happen in my garden each yet that let me know spring has well and truly landed. The pieris shrub sprouts beautiful red leaves alongside tiny white flowers, it looks really spectacular at the moment. The bleeding heart plant that was just the tiniest shoot is suddenly two foot tall and full […]

#dailydreaming photo a day challenge April 2017

Daily Photo Prompts ~ April 2017

And another month gone already! Sharing these daily prompts has really made me realise just how quickly the months are flying by. March has been a busy month for me, full of lovely happenings and productive at the same time, it’s not often I feel like I manage to combine loveliness and productiveness! I’ve been […]

still life photography with lensbaby and sweet 50 optic

Making Pictures While The Rain Falls

Last weekend saw yet another dreary, damp, grey, miserable, drizzly weekend here in the north of England. One of those weekends where any inclination to venture out and do something disappears as soon as you look out of the window. Perfect weather for playing with flowers and bottles and experimenting with some new textures! All […]

Lensbaby Edge 50 Landscape photography

Lensbaby Edge 50 ~ This Is Not A Review

Before I bought the Edge 50 optic earlier this year I did a bit of online searching to find out how people were using it, what their thoughts were and what sort of images they were creating with it. I found a few “proper” reviews but struggled to find any “this is what I’m doing and […]

still life photography, vintage books and floral teacup, for world book day

Happy World Book Day!

I have to confess at being a little confused by World Book Day. My own daughter has long since left school and I don’t think World Book Day was a thing when she was still in school, or if it was a thing it was all about books. And here’s where my confusion comes in, my […]

#dailydreaming photo a day challenge March 2017

Daily Photo Prompts ~ March 2017

Well here we are, almost at the end of another month already! I hope your February has gone well. For me it’s been the month where I’ve finally felt ready to commit to a business development that I’ve been quietly working towards for a long time. But more on that in the coming weeks. How […]

Fine art flower photography, tulip photo on dark background

Inspired By……..laminate flooring!!

Inspiration, it’s a strange sort of thing isn’t it? If I’m shooting for a client it’s never an issue, I have ideas to start with and they might evolve as we go along but I never feel completely uninspired. But shooting for myself can be a whole different story for some reason! The other day […]

lensbaby with edge 50

Three Intentions In One!

Three of my new year intentions all wrapped up into one photograph. I’ve spent so long saying I’d love to have a go at crochet that I decided to go along with my two intentions “Embrace Creativity” and “Do More” and just actually get on with it. So I found a simple blanket pattern, got […]

still life photography with Helios 44-2 vintage Russian Lens

Vintage Lens Still Life Photography

Well the last few weeks have turned out much busier than expected with lots of copy writing work for lovely photographers. Obviously I’m not complaining, I love to write for photographers. But I have been neglecting my own blog, and Facebook, and Twitter and even Instagram! So I thought I’d just share a few pictures. […]