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My Year With Unconventional Lenses – An Update

It’s rather ironic that having a creative business sometimes means that we have so little time to follow that creative pursuit that lies at the very heart of our business. I’m currently on a business accelerator program that sees me heading into Manchester once or twice each week. Not only does that take a great […]

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Start Where You Are

Start Where you are…… It’s a rather well known phrase and I seem to keep stumbling across it recently. I usually see it used as business advice, and excellent advice it is too. If we keep telling ourselves we need to do one more training course, get a better logo, redesign our website, write at […]

photo a day project, Oct 2017

Daily Photo Prompts ~ October 2017

It’s that time again! It’s almost the end of September so it’s time to share the #dailydreaming prompts for October. If you haven’t joined in before feel free to just jump right in at any time, join in every day or just with the ones that appeal the most to you. Don’t forget you can use […]

Traditional Crafts Project, Lensbaby Velvet 85, photography by Janet Broughton

Traditional Crafts Project – Spinning & Weaving

A few weeks ago I headed into Derbyshire to visit Wiseheart Studio and meet Kate, a lovely lady who is brimming with passion for spinning, weaving, dying, knitting and basically anything related to wool and as local as possible. Kate’s studio is a lovely space full of colours and textures and some of the most […]

photo a day project, daily prompts September 2017

Daily Photo Prompts ~ September 2017

It’s that time again! We are getting close to the end of August so it’s time to share the #dailydreaming prompts for September. If you haven’t joined in before feel free to just jump right in at any time, join in every day or just with the ones that appeal the most to you. Don’t forget […]

Traditional crafts, a photo project

Traditional Crafts – A Lensbaby Project

15th April 2015, a note added to Evernote, an idea for a photography project. An idea that lingered in the back of my mind but went no further. Summer 2017, more than two years later and three things happened that made me drag that idea from the back of my mind and start to explore […]

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Daily Photo Prompts ~ August 2017

July has passed by in a blur and it’s time for the next set of prompts, I’m a little behind with what everyone has been posting on Instagram but I’ll be heading over and catching up with you all soon! If you haven’t joined in before feel free to just jump right in at any […]

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Daily Photo Prompts ~ July 2017

  Time for a new set of daily photo prompts already!! If you haven’t joined in before just dive right in and get shooting, you can use a camera or a phone and it really doesn’t matter how good your photography is. As they say, its the taking part that counts!  It couldn’t be easier […]

Lensbaby Velvet 85 test shots

Lensbaby Velvet 85 – First Impressions

First of all I have to say I’m massively grateful to the lovely Lensbaby people for giving me the opportunity to try this lens out before it launched. But’s it’s been sooooo frustrating not being able to share any images!! I will confess that I’ve never been quite sure about the Velvet 56, it’s one […]

lensbaby twist 60 still life photography

On Making Time To Create

I’m sure that every creative business owner sets off on their business journey thinking they will spend much of their days happily creating or hanging around coffee shops with other creative people. It doesn’t take long before reality strikes and you realise that the time spent creating is much, much less than you ever imagined and […]

Equine lifestyle photography Lancashire and Cheshire

In Pine Forests and Barley Fields

I very rarely share any of my shoots for portrait clients, in fact it’s so rare that lots of people who follow the blog may not even know that I’m also a lifestyle portrait photographer! Every so often a shoot comes along that’s so different that the images just have to be shared and this […]