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Christmas Photography Tips

Christmas is almost upon us and although its a time of year I love you will rarely see me sharing Christmassy images. It’s not that I don’t take them but each year Christmas seems to start earlier and earlier with the big name TV adverts, the various light switch ons, the selection boxes and other […]

Award winning children's portrait photographer

Monotone Mondays – Portrait of Erin

Monday again! This week has just flown by and I’d actually forgotten it was Monday and almost didn’t post! I’m still struggling with a very poor internet signal, hence the lack of posts since last Monday. I’m sure everyone is busy with Christmas though so I probably wont be missed 😉 This week I thought […]

Food photography in black and white

Monotone Monday – Three Pears

This week’s post will be short and sweet since I’ve unexpectedly found myself wifiless! Normally I’d be happily semi disconnected from the world but this week I’d planned to start writing my food photography course so I’m feeling a little thrown off track. Under the circumstances I thought some black & white food would be […]

Still life photography, vintage teacups and hydrangea flowers

“Red” – December’s Photo Theme

Have you joined Beyond Snapshots yet? It’s a great free five week photography course to help you take better pictures plus over in the Facebook group we have monthly photo theme too – if you’d like to join in with December’s theme of “Red” just click here and fill in your details. This month’s theme […]

Monotone Monday – An Often Forgotten Lens

I often find myself drawn to images that aren’t perfectly sharp and love the look of some of the modern “toy” cameras such as the Holga. But much as I’m drawn to the images produced by these cameras I love the fact that digital is instant, I’m really not sure that I could be patient […]

Still life photography, vintage teacups and hydrangea flowers

The Revival Of Hydrangeas

Is it just me or has anyone else noticed that hydrangeas seem to have become a little trendy recently? Or perhaps they’ve always been that little bit edgy and its just me that thought they were a little old fashioned! I have fond childhood memories of hydrangea bushes in the garden, of playing with small […]

Monotone Monday – Portrait Number 2

This week’s Monotone Monday is a portrait of Andrew, a rather fascinating gentleman that I met in the very early days of my Fifty Portraits project. So early in fact that Andrew was portrait number two. It’s highly likely that you haven’t yet discovered Fifty Portraits, I’ll post more about it at some point but for […]

Take Ten – Exercising that Creative Muscle

Creativity, it’s a funny old thing isn’t it? As creatives we often sit and wait for inspiration to strike before we do our thing. Drawing, making, knitting, writing, painting, photographing, whatever it is that our creative thing may be, we sit around not doing it, waiting for inspiration. But the truth is that the more […]

Floral photography

Monotone Monday – Gypsophilia Flowers

Well after several days of what has felt like endless rain I thought a few flowers would be a lovely start to the week. I love the delicacy of Gypsophilia flowers and their almost abstract appearance when they are photographed. Do you like black & white photography? Why not join me on Instagram, its fast […]

Food Photography Manchester

Blackberries – Past Their Best

It’s International Food Photography Day today, or so I’ve been reliably informed, and it seemed the perfect day to continue with my mini project “Past Their Best”. There’s also some exciting food related news at the bottom so keep on reading! If you haven’t come across it already Past Their Best is a project to […]

Monotone Mondays

For the last couple of weeks I’ve been trying to come up with an idea for a weekly theme/post. Lots of bloggers seem to have Wordless Wednesdays or Silent Sundays and whilst I quite like the idea of just posting a picture (and why wouldn’t I, I’m a photographer after all!) I also enjoy writing […]

I do like to be beside the seaside….

Like many people I find myself drawn to the coast, I’m really not sure why so many of us are but I know for me it’s partly a love of open spaces, and then there’s that incredible feeling of freedom that gazing out towards the horizon gives me. And of course there’s the sea itself. […]

Portraits Without Faces – November Photo Challenge

A couple of weeks ago I came across this article on the BBC website, if you don’t have time to read it right now it’s an article titled “How your life story is told by your hands”. It features a set of black and white images by photographer Tim Booth which show people’s hands, some […]