New Year, New Intentions

It seems like just about everyone has been talking and writing about new years resolutions this year, whether they are good or whether they should be avoided. So much so that I nearly didn’t write this post! But I decided I needed to write it for selfish reasons, if it’s out there for anyone to read it’s going to keep me accountable.

Personally I don’t make new years resolutions, they feel too much like a route to failure, you either achieve them or fail. And let’s face it, we mostly make them knowing they won’t last so we’ve almost failed before we even started. But I do find that at the end of the year my mind turns to things I want to do or achieve in the upcoming year, personally and for my business. Usually I get no further than thinking about them, this year I started to scribble them down. And what a random list it is, it ranges from making something out of Harris Tweed to eating more veg and encompasses a whole lot of things inbetween.

I won’t do all the things on that list this year but when I look at the list I can summarise it into two phrases – “Embrace Creativity” and “Do More” – and I’ll use those phrases as my New Years Intentions (not resolutions!).

Embrace Creativity, although I don’t intend this to relate purely to my photography I will be using it as a reminder. I’ve found myself following way to much marketing advice that says consistency is key and slipped into the trap of containing myself to a similar style of photography. In reality I like to explore different avenues in my imagery so consistency is stifling. Over the last few weeks I’ve been using my mobile a lot and with it my little Lensbaby mobile lens (that was lost but happily rediscovered). I’ve been editing on my iPad and I’ve really enjoyed expressing myself more freely. This year I’m going to abandon consistency and embrace creativity.

iphone + lensbaby lm10 lens

iphone + lensbaby lm10 lens

iphone + lensbaby lm10 lens

iphone + lensbaby lm10 lens

Do More – this almost goes hand in hand with embracing creativity, there are so many things that I’ve planned on doing and somehow seem to have not found the time. So when I find myself pointlessly faffing on social media or researching something completely inconsequential I’m going to remind myself of this one and do something more important. So whilst I may not do everything on that list (I might not learn to crochet this year) I’m going to try really hard to just do more stuff!!

Don’t forget if you are looking for a photography challenge for this year you can join in with the #dailydreaming photo prompts, we are only five days in but the Facebook group has already become a lovely community of people sharing pictures and stories. Just head back to the previous post to find out all about it.

Happy New Year, I hope 2017 brings you health and happiness x



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