On Making Time To Create

I’m sure that every creative business owner sets off on their business journey thinking they will spend much of their days happily creating or hanging around coffee shops with other creative people.

It doesn’t take long before reality strikes and you realise that the time spent creating is much, much less than you ever imagined and whilst you might get to hang out in coffee shops with friends now and again there’s always that little nagging voice telling you that there’s something important you must go and do!

But it’s so important to take some time out to create, and not create for someone else but to create purely for the pleasure of the process. I’d been feeling like I was sinking under an ever growing to-do list, much of it writing for other photographers so I was hardly leaving my computer screen, so last week I put time in my diary for photography. And I could have skipped it but I made myself take the time out with a few simple props, a bit of moody light and dark editing and of course a Lensbaby.

lensbaby twist 60 still life photography

lensbaby twist 60 still life photography

lensbaby twist 60 still life photography

lensbaby twist 60 still life photography

lensbaby twist 60 still life photography

I always find shooting with a Lensbaby makes me slow down and be a little more contemplative about whatever I’m shooting, it’s an ideal de-stressing lens and that slower process somehow makes me feel more creative. And then I’m back to the rest of my work re-charged and full of enthusiasm. There’s a date with photography going in my diary every week from now on.

Shot as part of My Year With Unconventional Lenses.

This is the first time I’ve properly used the Twist 60 for still life but it works well, it seemed to give just the right amount of twisty blur and the natural vignetting is perfect for contrasty light and a moody edit!


  • Dr Marm (Laura) Reply

    Janet, what a delight to see the Twist 60 used for lower light and vignette, love it! Makes me want to pull mine out right away 🙂

    • Janet Broughton Reply

      Thank you! I love it’s vignette, feels just perfect for dark and moody shots 🙂

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