Inspired By……..laminate flooring!!

Inspiration, it’s a strange sort of thing isn’t it?

If I’m shooting for a client it’s never an issue, I have ideas to start with and they might evolve as we go along but I never feel completely uninspired.

But shooting for myself can be a whole different story for some reason! The other day I’d bought some tulips and planned some bright and airy spring photos for the Simply Styled Stock shop but after a couple of shots I was struggling and just not “feeling it”.

And then inspiration hit me, in the form of a piece of laminate flooring!  I’d bought it that morning to use as a background but it needed sawing down the middle to make a square, so it was standing waiting in a corner of the kitchen. The minute I looked at it I was flooded with ideas for dead flower arrangements and tulips with the edges of the petals kissed by light.

Fine art flower photography, tulip photo on dark background

still life photography, floral still life photo, dying flowers on dark background

Black & white fine art flower photograph, tulips photo with beautiful light

And the moral of this story is….

When inspiration strikes, even if it’s come from the strangest of places, just roll with it!!


(PS The black & white tulips are currently listed in the print shop, just click the photo for the link.)



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