Inspired By….. Steller

Well I started out writing my Three Things post with the very best of intentions of publishing it on the last day of each month. Did you notice I missed August? I didn’t allow for the end of the month being a Bank Holiday Monday and shooting a wedding on the Friday, being away for the weekend, unexpectedly committing to writing a monthly feature for a magazine (more on that some other time) and other deadlines looming!

Of course if I was more organised I would have written it in advance and scheduled it for Monday and I could have looked organised whilst chaos quietly reigned behind the scenes. But I wasn’t organised. And actually, if I’m honest, I don’t enjoy the discipline of sharing at the end of the month. But I do enjoy the spontaneity of sharing something inspiring as I find it, while I’m still excited by it, rather than a little while later. So instead I’ll be having an “Inspired By” category and sharing at random.

My first “Inspired By” share is Steller a fantastic new (or new to me anyway) site for sharing images as stories. There’s an amazing amount of talent on there and its just so easy to get lost browsing through the incredible visual stories, from food to travel to bits of everyday lives its just beautiful and thoroughly inspiring.

Click the image below to visit my profile and then go on to have a good browse, make yourself a coffee first though and prepare to get lost for a little while !

Have you already discovered Steller?

Leave me a profile link in the comments and I’ll take a look – I’m always searching for interesting people to follow!