Inspired by Art

A couple of weeks ago I declared Monday a weekend (because that’s allowed when you work for yourself, and to be fair I’d worked all weekend) and took myself off to Salford Quays to have a wander around, taking pictures on my phone and looking at the exhibitions. I’ve recently discovered the VSCO iPhone app and it’s inspired me to shoot more with my phone, but more of that in a future post.

I have no great knowledge or understanding of art but I’m happy to wander around a gallery, I love the Lowry exhibitions and can sit and gaze at one of his seascapes for ages. Every time I pass through I find myself smiling at his quotation painted on the wall :

“Don’t you start thinking I was trying to put over some message…..

I just painted what I saw”

I often feel like that about my personal photography, I’m not trying to portray anything meaningful, its just what I see and the way I see it.

I also managed to see the Jonathan Yeo exhibition and was completely blown away by his portraits, I found myself sitting staring and jotting down ideas in a notebook. I was totally inspired by his portrait of Helena Bonham CarterĀ and it got me thinking about overlaying images in some way.

So last week I was playing again with my Lensbaby and its cheap plastic optic, I had a willing subject and five minutes to spare. When I was editing the image I got to thinking about Jonathan Yeo again and overlaying images, Suzanne had talked about her love of the seaside – so here it is, my first attempt !