In Search of the Perfectly Imperfect 

Recently I’ve found myself constantly on the look out for photography props. In the very early days of my business my prop hunts were for items to use in baby photography but that novelty wore off and now my baby photography is lifestyle based and completely prop free.

My hunt now is for items to use for styling my food photography or that would work well for still life photography, something that I’m more and more turning to recently. I’m currently searching for a perfectly imperfect spoon, not too big or too small but tarnished and well loved looking. It’s not easy to find but I’m sure it’s waiting for me somewhere.

This morning I met Rob & Kirsten, two photographer friends, for coffee at an antiques centre – don’t listen to anyone that tells you photography is a lonely business, it’s not true, or at least I’ve never found it that way. The antiques centre is prop heaven, there was so much that I would buy if I had a studio for portraits. But unfortunately no perfectly imperfect spoon.

But I did buy a beautiful vintage stoneware jug, it’s absolutely perfect for something but I haven’t decided what just yet and for now I’ve photographed it on my phone with my Lensbaby.


Prop shopping with other photographers has advantages and disadvantages. They totally get the concept that there’s a degree of imperfection that’s just right but there’s a certain degree of pressure when their parting words are “Ooooh can’t wait to see what you do with that” !!


  • sarah

    I love these pictures, especially the first one. So soulful.

    • Janet Broughton

      Thank you Sarah, I love the look of the little Lensbaby on my phone x