In Celebration Of The Ordinary

I’m sure I’m not in alone in this but when I first became interested in photography I used to photograph everything I set eyes on, and I mean everything, no matter how boring or mundane that thing was. I even used to think that quite a lot of those pictures were OK, and I suppose in a way they were, they were sharply focussed, correctly exposed, some thought may have gone into composition and dof, but really they were pretty uninspiring. But you know what, I enjoyed taking those photographs, seeing something everyday and feeling the urge to take it’s picture and it’s something that long since got left behind as I thought more about studies and business and competitions.

I’ve started to miss the pleasure of just creating images without reason, without thinking about whether it fits a clients requirements or expectations, without thinking about if it fits some set of “rules”, if it portrays a deeper meaning or if a judge may approve. So I’ve decided to revisit ordinariness and to celebrate everyday stuff by creating images, but this time with more thought and hopefully much more creativity, I’m going to capture the everyday in my own style (whatever that may be !!).

My first mini project was a bunch of daffodils in a jar sitting on my coffee table. Hope you like !

Sony A99 with Lensbaby Composer & Sweet 50 Optic

(All images ©J Broughton Photography