Have I found My Missing?

If you follow the blog you may have read my recent post about the feeling that something is missing (if you didn’t see it you can find it here). I was amazed at how many people got in touch to say they completely understood and even felt the same, if you are one of those people thank you!

Maybe, just maybe, I may have found my missing thing….

There are a couple of things that I’ve felt drawn to recently although neither have them have quite felt right. The first is collages. For some reason I seem to have come across quite a lot of collages (as physical art) recently and find them intriguing to look at. I like the idea of creating collage work but all that collecting of odds and ends to actually make a collage doesn’t appeal quite so much.

The other thing that has been drawing me in is digital art, I’ve been enjoying working with textures in my still life photography and expanding that further certainly appeals. But I already spend so much time sitting at a desk in front of a computer screen and I’m not sure that I want to actually add to that.

But isn’t it funny how something can appear just at the right time?

Like this, in my news feed on Facebook, with images that really appealed to me and a great launch offer.


I looked a little deeper at the work of Nicki Fitz-Gerald, the course creator, and was really drawn to her photographic style. I looked further into the course content and found that it included creating collage style art work from mobile images.

I can’t help but feel that this could be my missing thing. It combines the two things I’ve felt pulled to, collages and digital art, but at the same time avoids the elements that held me back. There’s no need to collect “stuff” to collage, I already have loads of mobile images and taking more is a pleasure not a chore. And there’s no need for extra desk time, the creating is all done on mobile devices so I can use my iPad and work anywhere.

In the past I’ve experimented with a more creative approach to mobile photography, below is a rare self portrait with the double exposure feature in Hipstamatic, but I’ve felt like everything I’ve done has been a little hit and miss. Created by chance rather than intention!

Processed with VSCOcam with b5 preset

So far I’m just a couple of lessons into the course and I haven’t yet created anything but my head is just spinning with ideas and possibilities. I can’t wait to have the time to get shooting & creating!

Now I wouldn’t usually recommend or link to courses or products but this has me so excited about the creative possibilities that I’ve decided to make an exception, plus there’s a 50% discount until the 24th November! If you would like to know more about the Creative Mobile Artistry course just click here.

Keep an eye out for future posts, I will be sharing my progress and I’ll let you know if I really have found my missing thing.


(PS – just so you know that link is an affiliate link, if you buy the course I get a small commission. BUT I wouldn’t be sharing the link if I wasn’t genuinely impressed by the course content and where it might lead me. AND I probably wouldn’t share it all if it hadn’t been so relevant to my previous post. PLUS if you do buy and you aren’t happy you can request your money back.)