Food Portraits – Past Their Best

I’ve recently developed a bit of a passion for food photography, I say recently but if I’m honest its more that I’ve started to actually do it myself recently whereas previously I’ve just been admiring and drooling over other people’s food images rather than creating my own. After a few recent shoots for clients I got to thinking about food photographs as art pieces or portraits, a beautiful representation of a subject that wouldn’t look out of place on a wall – admittedly it may look out of place anywhere other than a kitchen wall but you get the idea !

For some reason I’ve been thinking about pears, pears as a still life a little like an old master. I’m not sure why but I’m guessing its something I’ve seen that’s inspired me subconsciously. Then there I was doing my shopping and spotted a bag of pears reduced and going out of date. I bought them and didn’t have time to do anything with them for a few days so here they are, my well past their best pears !


Food_portraits_LancashireI’m a massive fan of natural light and that would normally be my first choice, especially with food, but I’ve been enjoying experimenting with led lighting – food actually makes a great subject for playing with light. It doesn’t move around like the horses & children I’m normally working with and it certainly doesn’t complain like my husband when I want to experiment on him !! The colour image is using natural window light and the black and white is led light in a dark room.

I’m liking the idea of creating beautiful images out of something that is officially past its best, feel like there could be a new project idea in that !

(All images ©J Broughton Photography


  • Gilly

    Really liking these, Janet. There’s something very appealing about pears, and I like the lighting you’ve used. I’ve got some very oddly shaped pears in the fruitbowl and was looking at them the other day and thinking maybe I could do something with these (photographically, I mean). You may have inspired me to get on with it!

    • Janet Broughton

      Thanks Gilly ! There’s something about pears isn’t there ? I think it’s to do with the random shapes and slight texture !