Fine Art Print Shop Opened

It all started a few weeks ago when I decided that images on my office wall were long overdue an update. I hadn’t ever had any of my still life photographs printed and I was also curious to see how a picture taken with the Helios vintage lens would look in print. So I choose a black and white and a colour image, one shot with a “normal” lens and one the Helios, and I ordered them as prints on fine art paper.

Fine art photographic prints for sale

Now this is just a phone picture so it doesn’t do them justice but I was amazed when they arrived. The lightly textured fine art paper is to die for, combined with the digital textures the images looked just beautiful in print. If you take pictures, no matter what level you are at, I would strongly encourage you to get a few printed. They seem to take on a life of their own once they become physical.

So anyway, the arrival of the prints got me thinking it was about time I opened that Etsy Shop I’d been planning since the beginning of the year. So I did, and you can find it here, there’s still lots to add so do keep checking back. I’ll regularly be adding images (I’ve plenty to choose from!) and I’ll soon be adding the option of canvas gallery wraps.

The best thing about having an online print shop is that when I feel the urge to create but think I really should be doing something else (like my accounts) I can just tell myself I’m busy working! Which is exactly what I did yesterday when I felt the need to create something floral and textured.

Fine Art Print Shop

While I’m on the subject of Etsy I think I should make a confession, I actually opened an Etsy shop a long time ago. Probably around 2010. I didn’t sell anything and quickly lost interest. Looking back I’m not actually sure why it seemed a good idea, I wouldn’t put my images on my own walls then so the chance of someone else buying them were pretty remote!

But they are a little different now.

If you want to know more about the prints, shipping to a country that’s not yet listed, or buying a print that’s not yet in the shop drop me an email at


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