Finding Serenity in Creativity

I would love to be able to paint. Not in a photo-realistic way, although I massively admire the enormous level of skill and talent those painters possess, but I would love to able to paint in loose, more impressionistic or abstract style. I imagine that process of adding paint to paper or canvas and becoming lost in the process of creating something is both relaxing and energising at the same time. Knowing that you’ve created something unique, fuelled by your imagination must be incredibly rewarding.

I can’t paint, although perhaps I’ll try to learn at some point, but I can take photos. And I can take those photos and create something unique from them. I light a candle, perhaps put the radio on quietly in the background, and allow myself time to simply create with no expectations for the end result. I find this process incredibly relaxing, time flies as I lose myself in the process in the same as I imagine it must do for a painter.

For this month’s Serenity Project I thought I’d share three of my latest creations, I’ve found my serenity in the process of creating and hopefully there’s also a sense of serenity within the images.

Creative landscape photography with Lensbaby Edge 35

Digital art, urban

Creative forest photo

Next up in the Serenity Project blog circle is Wendy May, a still life photographer in Aberdeenshire, please click here to pay her a visit and follow the links around the circle for lots of inspiring photography.


  • Eileen

    I love painterly images too! My mom is a painter but it is not something I have really ever wanted to do, and I don’t think I am very good at that sort of thing by nature. I love what you created here! And you should try painting sometime, if you think you would enjoy it.

    • Janet Broughton

      That’s such a co-incidence Eileen, my dad can paint although we all think he is much better than he thinks he is!! I think I would enjoy the painting process but not the outcome, perhaps one day….

  • Jillian

    These are gorgeous Janet, real works of art! I love the tones and textures in each of them.

    • Janet Broughton

      Thanks so much Jillian!

  • Wendy

    Wow Janet! These are incredible. Your work is so unique and special. Would be amazing to see what you would create with paint and canvas. In fact, I can imagine a blend of both would be stunning.

    • Janet Broughton

      Thanks Wendy, I really appreciate your kind comments however I think any attempt at painting might shatter your illusions!!!

  • Nadeen

    Although you are not a painter, you definitely found a way to create some beautiful painterly images!

    • Janet Broughton

      Thanks Nadeen!!

  • Amy Smith

    Wow!! Love these! All so different but so intriguing and lovely. The first one looks just like a painting! I love the last one. The inclusion of the birds is what I like the most.

    • Janet Broughton

      Thanks Amy! I wasn’t sure about the birds in the beginning but I went back after a couple of days and decided they needed to stay so it’s great to know you like them!

  • Lori McLellan

    These are really fantastic! You may not paint in the typical way, but you have created a type of digital painting in these. I love hearing how soothing it is to you, that is what matters the most!

    • Janet Broughton

      Thanks for your kind words Lori!

  • Iris

    Oh wow – those actually look like paintings. I love your use of light in all of them, and the abstract of the last two is amazing.

    • Janet Broughton

      Thanks so much Iris!

  • Emily Hamson

    Oh so pretty, Janet! They definitely look like abstract paintings! You’ve inspired me to try this out!

    • Janet Broughton

      Thanks Emily! Good luck, I hope you enjoy the process as much as I do!

  • Joan Showers

    Oh Janet, the depth lines and color in that first one. I love the idea of. Reading without any expectation. I don’t do that. There always seems to be a purpose, for example blurring the background, getting a starburst, in other words an end goal. Later today I’ll play and see what I can create with my lens.

    • Janet Broughton

      Thanks so much Joan! It’s really easy to get out of the habit of just playing creatively and seeing where it goes but I always find my best images are the ones where I set out with no particular aim!

  • Josefina Jimenez (Nimisha)

    I love your Impressionist photos in the Serenity Project. Really beautiful!

    • Janet Broughton

      Thanks so much Nimisha!