Family lifestyle photography in Lancashire

Lifestyle Family Photography

Professional family photography. It’s an investment of time and money, you may do it every year or perhaps once every few years or it could be something you do just the once but you treasure that one time forever.

No matter how often you choose to make that investment its really important that you choose the photographer that is right for your family, you need to love both their work and their approach to photo shoots.

To help you decide if we might be right for each other here are some of the things that I most definitely don’t do!

I don’t work from a studio, that’s my choice because I love variety in my work.

I never shoot against white backgrounds (I say never but if we came across a fantastic crumbling old whitewashed stone wall we would certainly be using that as background! Just think of that wonderful texture and all those tones!). When I say I don’t use white what I really mean is I won’t bring along a pristine white background to use in your home.

I won’t put your baby in a bucket, dress it as a frog or hang it from a branch. I won’t even put a hat on your baby unless its one of yours.

I don’t use flash or other artificial light, or at least very rarely.

I won’t put a time limit on your session.

I don’t work through a range of set poses that are the same for every family.

I will never ask you to do anything that makes you feel daft or uncomfortable and I certainly won’t be rushing around shouting posing instructions at you while I make silly noises to entertain the kids.

I definitely won’t be giving you the hard sell to buy more products after your shoot, I can show you frames if you like but that’s up to you.

Now I have to say that there is absolutely nothing wrong with any of those things I’ve mentioned above (well apart from the hard sell, I don’t agree with that) but those things just aren’t me. But there are amazing studio photographers around, there are people producing stunning images of newborns using lots of props and some families will prefer their photographer to be loud and outgoing. And if the things I don’t do are the things that you want their are lots of photographers out there that will meet your needs.

If you haven’t gone off to hunt for another photographer then here are the things that I do and I love to do.

We can trek through a forest, or round a lake. I’ll stroll along a country lane with you or search for seashells on a beach with your kids. We could have a teddy bears picnic in your garden. I’ll play lego or stick stickers with the older ones whilst you feed your newborn. I don’t have a studio but I’ll go wherever suits you as a family.

We’ll use trees, old walls, sand dunes, gateways, buildings or whatever else we discover as our backgrounds. You’ll only have to jump up and down in the air if you tell me that’s what you want to do. Otherwise I’ll be gently directing you into natural poses. We will encourage the little ones to play and capture some beautiful candid pictures.

Unless you are in a hurry we’ll have plenty time, if your children are a little shy or unsure about the stranger with the big black camera that’s ok. We can take our time, have a chat, play with the kids, maybe have a coffee and when they are ready then I’ll start to take pictures.

If your session is for a newborn then it will be in your home and it will include your home, it could be in the nursery, the main bedroom, the living room. In fact its generally in all of them, your baby won’t be in my props but it will be in your home and your pictures will tell your story timelessly.

And because I don’t believe in a hard sell, and I want you to know exactly what your shoot will cost I offer one simple digital package priced at £475. You’ll get all the best images from your shoot professionally edited with unlimited personal printing rights. The only choice you need to make is whether you have them on a USB or a disc in a personalised holder.

And when I say “family photography” I mean whatever you consider your family, if that’s your dog or your horses, a baby or older children, that’s all family as far as I’m concerned.

Got any questions?

You can either give me a call on 07952 990642 or head over to the contact page and send me a message.