Exciting Times Ahead !






















Thought it was about time I shared some of my exciting plans, my brain has been working overtime recently and I’ve all sorts of ideas for courses and there’s all sorts of activity going on behind the scenes!

So this week I’ve started to put some plans into action. I’ve bought a handful of domain names and for the first time ever I’ve bought a .com rather than a .co.uk. Since then I’ve been flooded with offers to design a website for me so if you are a budding website designer that sends emails to people who purchase a .com domain I’ve a couple of bits of advice for you.

Firstly, I have a business, I have two blogs and a website already, I’m not sat here twiddling my thumbs and hoping someone will email and offer to make me a website. But that’s OK I know you don’t know that and you’ve a business to run too and maybe, just maybe you will get lucky with the odd email here and there.

But, and this is the biggie, why on earth would I trust a website designer who apparently has no website or domain name of their own and is using Hotmail or Gmail email addresses? This is my business, the only way that a lot of people will see me, why would I trust you to handle that for me when apparently you can’t even manage to do your own website and don’t seem willing to spend that very small amount of money needed to get a business email address?

So please, don’t email me, I won’t read it, its just another one I need to delete. I can manage my website thanks, but if I get stuck I’ll do some research and pay someone who has a lovely site of their own and an email address to match it.

Right, now that’s off my chest (thank goodness) back to what’s happening here.

So domain name and hosting are now sorted, a new website will very soon be in the making and when that launches there will be a brand new FREE course! And I’m sooo excited to start writing it, it’s going to be a course to help everyone take better pictures, whether you use a camera or a phone, have technical knowledge or not, it won’t matter. And not only will it be a free course, there will be a Facebook group too so you can get feedback and connect with others too!

My beginners course, Beyond Auto, has had some great feedback and will be running again early in 2016 so make sure you sign up to my newsletter (just click here) to be kept updated on that and on the, as yet unnamed, free course.

Oh, and I almost forgot! As if all that isn’t enough, I now have new Twitter and Instagram accounts for Definitely Dreaming, you can find me on Twitter as @defdreaming and on Intagram as @definitely_dreaming. I’d love to connect over there too, follow me & say Hi and I’ll follow you right back!