On The Edges – My Year With Unconventional Lenses

Last week I was lucky enough to spend a few days on Anglesey with my daughter. I was even luckier that the weather was kind and the sun shone, it might officially be summer here in the UK but that doesn’t guarantee that it won’t be bitter cold and raining!

I decided to fully embrace my “Year With Unconventional Lenses” and only take Lensbabies away with me. That’s probably not a great surprise to anyone but usually┬áI do have at least one normal lens tucked away in my bag.

Recently I’ve been thinking a lot about collections of images vs single images – so often online we share single images but not every photo works on its own, many can be powerful as part of a group of themed images but appear meaningless alone. With this in mind I set myself a mini project while I was away, to capture the essence of being beside the sea by photographing the things seen on the edges.

A couple of images are taken with the Edge 50 and the others are either the Velvet 85 (yes, I’m still loving it!) or the Twist 60.

If you need a little motivation or inspiration with your own photography take a look at Afternoon Light!




  • Suzanne Reply

    I so agree about the importance for some images as being shown as part of a group! I haven’t heard that opinion voiced before and enjoyed reading it here. Lovely pictures with the Edge, too!

    • Janet Broughton Reply

      I think social media and photo sharing sites have really stopped us looking at images as a part of a series, which is a shame!

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