Daily Photo Prompts ~ September 2017

photo a day project, daily prompts September 2017

It’s that time again! We are getting close to the end of August so it’s time to share the #dailydreaming prompts for September.

If you haven’t joined in before feel free to just jump right in at any time, join in every day or just with the ones that appeal the most to you. Don’t forget you can use a camera or a phone and you don’t need to be an aspiring David Bailey to take part!  Simply take a photo inspired by the prompt for the day and share your picture. There’s a lovely friendly community in the Facebook Group if you aren’t a member yet just click here and request to join.

You can also join in on Instagram using #dailydreaming, I’ll be popping in to see what’s posted but if you want to make sure I don’t miss your post give me a mention in the comment. You can connect with me on Instagram as @definitely_dreaming.

The list of prompts can also be found in the Facebook group and on Instagram and if you are on the newsletter list you’ll find them in your inbox too.

Happy Shooting!

PS – If you are looking for more support, inspiration and motivation for your photography take a look at Afternoon Light, it has mini courses, assignments, a group project, access to my personal support and much more!