Daily Photo Prompts ~ May 2017

And another month almost gone! I do hope it’s been a good month for you.

April has been a productive and exciting month for me, I’m so pleased to have launched Afternoon Light after such a long time preparing and that it’s been so well received.

How have you been getting along with the daily prompts? If you started full of enthusiasm but fizzled out don’t feel disheartened, why not make May the month you join in again, even if it’s only one or two images each week. There’s a lovely friendly community in the Facebook Group and it really doesn’t matter if you join in daily or just now and again.

Photo a Day Challenge


You can also join in on Instagram using #dailydreaming, I’ll be popping in to see what’s posted but it you want to make sure I don’t miss your post give me a mention in the comment. You can connect with me on Instagram as @definitely_dreaming.

The Facebook Group is a lovely community of creative and supportive people. If you aren’t already a member yet click here and request to join, I’ll approve your request just as soon as I can and then you can say Hello and make yourself at home.

The list of prompts can also be found in the Facebook group and on Instagram, you can use the new “pin to profile” feature on Instagram so you can easily find the list again and if you are on the newsletter list you’ll find them in your inbox too.

Don’t forget, if you don’t have time to join in everyday just do the ones that appeal, you’ll still be more than welcome in the group.

Happy shooting!

PS If you want your friends to join in too just click one of the sharing buttons below & share on your favourite social media platform.



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