website copywriting for photographers

Copywriting Services

Need to refresh your website copy but not got time?

Tired of looking at blank screen with a mind that’s suddenly gone just as blank?

Know that you have an amazing product or service but somehow don’t feel comfortable shouting it from the rooftops?

Starting out in business and have no idea what to say on your website?

Hate writing, or at least not too happy about having the whole world reading something you’ve written?

Know that you need to get that “About Me” page written but just can’t think of a single thing to say about yourself?

First impressions count, right? And if you are nodding in agreement with any of the statements above you may well find that engaging a copywriter will give your website a better chance of making a great first impression.

I offer website copywriting services for creative businesses of all shapes and sizes, from a single page site, to one that’s packed full of information, and if you are stuck for quality imagery then I can help there too!

How does it work?

Once I have your requirements I will provide you with a written quotation, if you decide to go ahead I will send you a questionnaire designed to provide me with all the information I need about you, your business, your products and services and your customers. At this point I’ll also need a deposit and your required date so that I can schedule your writing. If I can’t meet your deadlines I won’t take on your work. You can answer your questionnaire either by email or over the phone.

How much does copywriting cost?

For simplicity and clarity I offer a simple fixed pricing structure for website copy starting from £80 for a page of up to 300 words.

For blog posts and newsletters I provide a quotation based on your specific requirements, I can write based on content you provide or I can research and write based on your blog subject. Obviously the second option is more time consuming and will have a higher price than the first.

Why creative business owners?

Well that’s easy, I am one myself! I understand how creative businesses work, how creative people think and I understand the unique challenges faced by creative businesses – especially when it comes to telling the world how amazing you are (most creatives doubt and downplay their talents, it generally takes an outsider to see how amazing and unique they are).

Why work with me?

Well firstly I’m the geeky one that loves to write. I’m generally the only one in a group of photographers that lights up and declares a love of blogging when the subject comes up!

Secondly I love stories. I love to hear people’s stories of their lives, their businesses, their journey and successes and struggles with their business. Your story will make your website content unique, personal and engaging. I’ll take the time to listen to your story as well as tell it.

Does location matter?

No not at all due to modern technology! Everything can be done by email or phone, although if you happen to be close enough I am happy to fill in your questionnaire over a cup of coffee.

If you’d like to know more why not drop me an email at or give me a call on 07952 990642, I’m always happy to chat and provide a no obligation quotation.