Calla Lily Study – Lensbaby Blog Circle (June)

What do you do when you wake up on the morning of a planned garden photography outing to hear the travel news announcing major hold ups on the two motorways you could take and then look out the window and find it’s raining despite that not being the weather forecast?

My solution was to pop to the supermarket and buy a calla lily plant and then to remind myself of my theme for the year “embracing the blur”. Armed with the Velvet 85, Sweet 80 and 50, macro converters and filters I set about creating a set of images to celebrate the lines, curves and colour of the flowers and at the same time embracing the blur and letting go of any urges to produce a conventional set of images.

Black & White Lensbaby Flower Photography

Lensbaby Sweet 50 macro

Lensbaby Sweet 50 flower macro

Lensbaby Sweet 50 macro flowers

Lensbaby Velvet 85 Flower Photography

Lensbaby Velvet 85 Flower Photography

This post is part of the Lensbaby Blog Circle, a group of photographers sharing a monthly post of Lensbaby images shot in the previous month. Next up in the circle is Katrin who has been taking part in the travelling Burnside project, please click here to have a look and follow the circle!


  • Seonaid Teal Reply

    Love these, especially the black and white one.

  • Melita Reply

    Oooo these are just beautiful Janet. They remind of renaissnce pastel drawings so delicate and soft and the curves and shape are fascinating X

  • Katrin Reply

    Those textures are wonderfully enhancing those flower portraits ! I love the blur and the glow – great work! Think I have to get the Velvet out again one of these days…

  • John Mee Reply

    A beautiful series. Your use of colour brings it all together. No better way to spend a rainy afternoon.

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