From My Bookshelf – Within Shadows, Susan Burnstine

Welcome to “From My Bookshelf” a new occasional series where I’ll raid my bookshelf and share some of the books I find inspiring.

Lensbaby Twist 60 Black & White

Whenever I find myself in a bit of a creative rut I’ll turn to my bookcase to bring me out of it. I’ll sit on the floor and pull out random books to browse through, it doesn’t usually take long before my creative juices start to flow again and I’m itching to pick up my camera and create.

If ever I’m asked about my favourite photographers Susan Burnstine is always the first name that comes into my head. Many others will follow but her name is always first.

Lensbaby Twist 60

Within Shadows is her first book and it’s probably the first photography book that sat on my Amazon wish list while I (not so) patiently waited for it to be released. It’s also the first book I’ll reach for when I need inspiration and I never tire of browsing through this one. All the images in the book are in black and white, they are created with home made cameras and full of lovely blur. Every single image is a magical scene that I could stare at for hours!

I wish I could say go and grab yourself a copy of this book but unfortunately it’s not readily available, I could probably sell mine at a very healthy profit but there’s no way I’m going to part company with it! Instead you’ll have to visit her website and just know that the images are even more mesmerising in print!

Do you have a book that’s always first choice if  you need inspiration? Let me know in the comments and hopefully I can find some new sources of inspiration!