From My Bookshelf – Robert Doisneau, “Music”

from my bookshelf

I was really lucky to be sent a copy of this book recently by a PR company, I’ve admired Robert Doisneau’s work for a long time but hadn’t got around to buying any of his books so this one was a lovely surprise.

It’s a book crammed full of beautiful black and white images, mostly from the late 1940’s to the early 60’s but there’s also a section of 80’s & 90’s images. It’s no great surprise that it’s themed around music, I expected it would all be street portraits and documentary shots from concerts but was surprised to find there were also some photo essays (like the making of clarinets below) and a section of some quite humorous staged images.

from my bookshelf

I’ve had this book for a few weeks now and I still keep pulling it off my bookshelf to have a flick through it. It’s another of those books that makes me want to go out and shoot something completely different, street photography isn’t really my thing but every time I look at this book I feel more and more tempted to go out and give it a try!!


  • Wendy Reply

    Looks like a really beautiful book. Can see why you would be drawn to it for inspiration. Street photography is a genre I have never tried and yet one I keep thinking I should love to give a go. I have a few favourite street photographers whose work always stir up an interest but I think it’s a confidence thing holds me back. One day, I would love to step out and give it a go. If you do, I hope you share your adventures.

    • Janet Broughton Reply

      I have done a little street photography years ago as part of a course, it’s challenging but rewarding. But equally it’s quite frustrating because you could go out for hours and not get anything interesting. I’ve just got a new phone with a great camera so I might experiment using that!

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