From My Bookshelf – “Paris” Ronis

This small book is the latest addition to my bookcase and it’s wonderful celebration of everyday life in Paris. It’s packed full of black and white images ranging from the 1950s to the very early 90s.

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Browsing through this book over a coffee makes me feel like heading into a city to do some street photography. But then I quickly remember that I don’t really enjoy spending time in cities and I don’t have the patience for street photography! I have done a little street photography a few years ago as part of a course I was taking, it’s very satisfying when you get a great shot but you often wander for hours without getting anything that you are happy with.

Even though I may not head out to do street photography any time soon I  still find inspiration in this book. Every image feels carefully composed rather than accidental, every element in the frame feels relevant and intentional, it’s a really engaging collection of images.

“From My Bookshelf” is an occasional blog series where I share some of the books that I turn to for inspiration. If you have any books you find especially inspiring please feel free to share them in the comments.

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