From My Bookshelf – Artist Journal Pages

Much as I love my photography books they aren’t the only place I’ll turn if I need a little inspiration, this book is one of my absolute favourites to pick up and flick through if I feel like I’m in a bit of a creative rut…

I’m always totally inspired by the variety of artwork in this book and love how the artists seem to create with such freedom, almost carelessly. It’s a freedom that doesn’t quite translate to photography but even so flicking through the book makes me want to just go and create something.

I’ll confess that I would LOVE to able to draw/paint/collage/letter in such a carefree way and create my own art journal pages. I’ve been practising doodling and playing with watercolours, I’ve bought a mixed media pad and some craft paint but I’ve not yet got around to actually starting anything…

Perhaps it’ll be a project to start the new year with, I would say watch this space but I sincerely doubt that I’ll be creating anything that I feel inclined to share publicly!!

Are you a Pinterest user? I’ve just created a new board to share more images from the creators that I feature in this series, you can check out the board here.


  • Wendy

    Love books. All kinds. I used to have a bookcase full to brimming with various books but gave them all away when we moved last due to lack of space. So regret giving them all away now . I think I kept about 6 of my all time favourites (and none were photography related). Most of my new books since then are on Kindle. The plus side is they take up less space and I won’t have to give them up if we move again . The down side…. there something about a paper copy that you can literally see, touch and smell that virtual books just don’t offer . It’s my birthday next week and I have a new photography book re 50 photography projects still in its Amazon box. Not opening it til next week. Forget what it’s call but hoping it’s good.

    • Janet Broughton

      My bookcase has long since overflowed! It’s full of photography and fiction but I must admit once I’ve read the fiction books I don’t hold on to them, I pass them on to family and friends or give them to charity. I really need another bookcase but just don’t have the space!!