Don’t Wait For The Sun To Shine – More Product Photography Tips


Over in Facebookland I’m in a couple of groups of crafters and makers, people that are selling on sites such as Etsy or Not On The High Street, and every day I see several posts from people that are waiting for a sunny day to take their photographs. At first I tried to reply to […]

Product Photography Tips For Crafters, Makers, Bloggers and Creators

product photography for creative business owners and bloggers

Are you a crafter selling on Etsy, Folksy, Not On The High Street or on your own website? Or a blogger, a designer, a creative or lifestyle business owner? Do you feel under pressure to create eye-catching images that people will remember? Whilst I offer commercial photography services to all kinds of creative business owners, from florists to chefs, designers […]

52 Weeks, Tulips

Online photography courses, flowers and still life

Am I alone in thinking that tulips are seriously underrated? I don’t know why but they aren’t the first flower that springs to mind when I think of something I might choose for a vase in the living room, and yet I really do like them. Especially when they come in purple to match the […]

52 Weeks, The Silence of Snow

52 Weeks Of Quiet - week 3

Sunday morning started with just the perfect amount of snow. Enough to give a good covering, to cling to the trees and cover the branches. Enough even for the children to build snowmen, just. But not enough that the roads stayed covered and the pavements hard to walk on. There’s a certain special sort of […]

52 Weeks, Sunshine & Petals

Floral photography, online photography courses

A few weeks before Christmas I shared a blog post about hydrangeas and how they seem to be so popular at the moment, that may just be my impression but I really seem to be seeing photos using them in one way or another all the time at the moment. I’ve been drying some blooms […]