When Inspiration Strikes, 10 Minutes of Creative Macro Photography

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Inspiration. It’s a funny thing, its often there when you need to call on it but other times its just nowhere to be found at all. There’s lots of advice written on it, on how to find it when it’s left you and how to keep it when you have it. Most of it is […]

Three Things – July

It’s that time again, time to share three random things that I’ve enjoyed during the month. I can’t believe how quickly it’s come around and I found myself in a bit of a panic yesterday trying to decide which three things I would include. Well actually it was two that I was struggling over because […]

Are you stuck in Auto ??

Photography courses for beginners

I’m so excited to share that “Beyond Auto” will very soon be open for bookings. If you have a camera and are struggling to get to grips with using it out of Auto Mode then this is the course for you ! With eight weeks of email lessons packed full of info that’s easy to […]

Three Things – June

still life photography

At the end of each month I’m going to share three things that I’ve enjoyed or been inspired by that month, some will be photography related but many won’t. Why three ? Well I thought I’d randomly picked three as a number that wasn’t too many to be boring for a reader or difficult for […]


I’m continuing with my celebration of the ordinary and the everyday with a few more flower images, I’d bought a spray of gypsophilia to sit a glass bottle I have on a windowsill and couldn’t help thinking that their simplicity would make them perfect for my little challenge. Here are a few of my favourites […]