Blackpool through a Lensbaby

My last post was about my week in places beginning with B and I shared some of my phone pictures from the week. It’s been such a busy time since that it’s only today that I copied the pictures off my main camera – I say main camera because I was actually using three different cameras along with the iphone that day ! I’d taken the film camera that appeared in a previous post and I’ve taken a few pictures on that although I’ve yet to finish the film and I don’t hold up a lot of hope. I also got use a Fuji XT-1 which my friend Lizz had on loan, it felt rather like the film camera but way lighter !

So much time had passed that I very nearly deleted the images from my own camera without even looking at them but I’m glad I didn’t. I’d been shooting with my Lensbaby and that lovely plastic optic I’ve mentioned before and this one is my favourite from the day.

Its been processed in Lightroom and has a texture from 2 Lil’ Owls added, only discovered the website today but there’s some beautiful stuff on there and I’ll definitely be returning.