I do like to be beside the seaside….

Like many people I find myself drawn to the coast, I’m really not sure why so many of us are but I know for me it’s partly a love of open spaces, and then there’s that incredible feeling of freedom that gazing out towards the horizon gives me. And of course there’s the sea itself. I’m drawn to a rough sea and could spend endless hours watching waves crashing against rocks, wondering if the next wave will be bigger than the one before. I’ve been known to be so engrossed that I’ve not noticed the wave about to come crashing down over my head!

For some reason I’m particularly attracted to the coast in winter, I’m sure that’s partly because I don’t like crowded places. But there’s also something about that slightly worn, just ever so slightly tired look of an English seaside town that I find appealing, especially when I have my camera with me. It seems so long since I’ve deliberately set out to photograph winter in a seaside resort – think it needs to be on my to-do list for this winter!

In the middle of October we were lucky enough to spend a week in a beautiful apartment in Whitby. Despite beautiful weather the week didn’t quite turn out as expected and I didn’t do anywhere near as much photography as planned. When I got home I copied all the pictures on to my laptop and happily launched myself back into work.

And totally forgot all about my holiday pictures!

Until this morning.


Are you a fan of being beside the seaside in winter too?

Let me know where your favourite place is…

PS – although I certainly wouldn’t recommend it, my camera survived that drenching by a wave that I mentioned!