Food photography, coffee beans

It somehow seems a little ironic that I’m late to share a post regarding this months photo challenge which is aptly titled “Beginnings”!

Over in the Facebook community that runs alongside Beyond Snapshots I set a monthly photo theme for anyone that feels like a challenge. This month it seemed appropriate to have a theme of Beginnings and although I’m a little late to share on the blog I shared with the group at the start of the month and I’m loving seeing everyone’s interpretations of it.

My own contribution so far is the beginnings of a wonderful cup of coffee, the beans. I’d love to be able to say that this is also the beginning of each day too but I’d only bought these for something photographic I’m working on at the moment! My days do start with a lovely cup of coffee but its from a machine and not straight from a bean!

Why have a monthly theme? Well when I first started photography it was shooting images for a theme that really got me hooked and pushed me to go out and improve my skills, I’d love to inspire someone else to really get hooked on photography!

If you’d like to join the January challenge simply sign up for Beyond Snapshots¬†and the group link will come with your first lesson, and don’t worry its all completely free!

If Instagam is more your thing just share your images and tag them #dreamsnapsjanuary, if you want to be certain I see them give me a quick mention, you can find me on Instagram as @definitely_dreaming.

Look forward to seeing more beginnings before the end of the month!