A Recent Discovery or Two

If you’ve been looking through the blog you’ve probably realised that I love to use my phone to capture images when I’m out & about. One of my favourite apps is Hipstamatic although I must admit I tend to use it in fits & starts, sometimes I get a little frustrated at waiting for the “print” to develop before I know whether the film/lens combination works for the subject and then I’ll stop using it for a while. But then I’ll remember how much I love it when I do get the combination right and I’ll go back to it again.

Anyway just last week I made two exciting Hipstamatic related discoveries. The first is that there is a Hipstamatic magazine called Snap, it’s full of fantastic phone photography and it’s free in the App Store! My second discovery was that there’s a double exposure Pak available and what fun I had playing with that, I even did a very rare selfie !!!


One Comment

  • Barbara

    I had no idea about the App, what a Gem!! And I’m just like you with Hipstamatic, fits and starts. I’ve got a favourite at the moment, but I’m sure it will change with the weather.
    Love this, it reminds me of Sally Manns “What Remains” work x