A Lensbaby Walk with the Edge 50 Optic

On Monday I got an new toy, an Edge 50 optic for my Lensbaby, yesterday I took it out for a test run (walk). It wasn’t ideal weather for photography but I’d owned it for two whole days without trying it so I couldn’t wait any longer!

I’ve had a Lensbaby for quite a number of years now and although I don’t use it anywhere near as often as I’d like to – although that’s going to change this year – I’m used to how it works and I generally know what sort of shot it’s going to be suited to. Well the Edge 50 is a whole different thing, it’s like starting all over again.

So I walked, and I took pictures, some I’m fairly happy with but none are amazing. I found baubles hanging on pine trees on the edge of the woods which were lovely. And then I fell in the mud which was definitely less than lovely! Hopefully my shoes will dry out in a day or two.

And whilst the pictures aren’t fantastic they do represent the start of my “Year With Unconventional Lenses” so I’m sharing them anyway.

dreary winter landscapes with Lensbaby edge 50 Pine trees with Lensbaby with Edge 50 Lensnbaby Edge 50, black & white winter landscapes winter foliage - Lensbaby black & white landscape - Lensbaby Lensbaby with Edge 50 - image copyright Janet Broughton dreary winter landscape with Lensbaby Edge 50 black & white Lensbaby photography

I’m really pleased that I can combine my photography challenge with my #walk1000miles challenge, I feel like I’m making extra efficient use of my time and still enjoying myself!

And I’ve only another 958 miles to go….

(For anyone who hasn’t come across Lensbabies before and is wondering what they are the Lensbaby website explains them much better than I can!)


  • Reza Reply

    I’m not sure when was the first time I found out about Lensbaby, but I was (and I am) really interested in the cool shots it makes. I don’t own one, but tried to make similar effect by lens whacking, and honestly I couldn’t get anything near good out of it!! It needed more time to practice really, maybe someday I give it a try again!
    About your shots, they are beautiful! Some of them are fantastic. Great start to your new year theme/challenge :))))
    By knowing you a little, I can imagine how great pictures you can take with it.

    I don’t really follow any particular profile about Lensbaby, but my friend Ashlee is my favorite artist in this case. You can find her on IG (@malily_photography) and Facebook, but in her blog, there’s more pictures.

    • Janet Broughton Reply

      Thanks for your kind words Reza! You should try again with your lens sometime, Lensbabies are really difficult in the beginning so maybe yours just needs more time and practice. Thanks for the recommendation, just took a look at your friends IG and I love her style!

  • Patricia Reply

    The effect of this lens is so beautiful, its on top of my whis list 🙂 Love your pictures !

    • Janet Broughton Reply

      Thank you so much Patricia!!

  • Pete Reply

    Nice photos of Entwistle reservoir do you mind if I ask where you live as I live only over the hill at Darwen .

    • Janet Broughton Reply

      Thanks Pete 🙂 No I don’t mind at all, I’m in Harwood. I love to walk at Entwistle, it’s so close to home but feels like a million miles away!

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