52 Weeks Of Quiet ~ Still Going Strong!

It’s almost the middle of April and I’m quietly pleased with myself. I set myself a project a the beginning of the year to take one photo a week with a sense of calm- hence the title “52 Weeks of Quiet”. I’m generally not that great at keeping up with projects like this but I decided to go easy on myself, if I happen to miss a week that’s OK, I’m sure there will be other weeks I share an extra image to make up.

So here we are, almost at the middle of April, and I’m pleased to say I’m still going strong. I lost track of week numbers very early on, that’s no great shock, I often don’t remember what day it is! I may have missed a week and I certainly haven’t shared on here weekly but I have been sharing my images over on Instagram.

Here’s a catch up, I really hadn’t noticed how often I was photographing flowers!

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food photography

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It’s also struck me how little of this project is outdoor photography, looking at these you’d be forgiven for thinking I’m almost a hermit! I love to be outdoors in the countryside, or by the sea, I’m a lover of fresh air and open spaces. Weather permitting I’ll hopefully be turning to some landscapes before long.

If you’d like to join in simply share your pictures on Instagram with the hashtag #52weeksofquiet and if you want to make sure I see it give me a mention in the comments, you can find me on Instagram as @definitely_dreaming.