52 Weeks Of Quiet – Has it Been a Success?

Okay so it’s not quite the end of the year so it’s a little early to be posting about the end of my 52 Weeks Of Quiet but it feels like the right time to share my thoughts.

Back at the beginning of this year I was looking for some sort of photographic project and decided to challenge myself to create an image every week that had a feeling of quiet. I’ve been sharing the images over on Instagram and from time to time I’ve shared a few here on the blog.

So did I manage a weekly image? No, not every week. Some weeks just turned out to be too hectic and I didn’t want to rush and share something I wasn’t happy with. But I’m ok with that, right at the beginning I acknowledged that there might be some weeks that I missed, I never wanted this to become a burden. And some weeks I created a LOT more than one image!

At the start I expected that I would be sharing images that were quite varied but I surprised myself by discovering that I really enjoyed still life photography and many weeks I shared still life images, often with flowers or food as the main subject. This exploration of still life photography also lead me to start experimenting with textures in my images, something I’ve tried before but not with any degree of success.

So has 52 Weeks of Quiet been a success?

Yes, without a doubt despite the missed weeks. I’ve learned new skills, found a passion for a previously unexplored genre, discovered a love of browsing antique shops for props, discovered the Japanese design concept of Wabi Sabi and gained an excuse to buy myself flowers. The only downside that I can think of at the moment is that I’ve been so happy shooting still life that I’ve done a lot less outdoor photography this year. I’ve tried to make amends by shooting the last two weeks images outdoors and for the sake of variety I’ve also used my mobile with a Lensbaby LM-10 lens attached.


iphone photo with lensbaby LM-10 lens

I’m slightly embarrassed to admit that I’d totally forgotten that I owned this lovely lens. And once remembered I couldn’t think where it was but some after someĀ frantic searching I found it in the bottom of a handbag. Can’t think why I didn’t look there first really…

Time to think of a new challenge for 2017 now!

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